USSM is the largest primary cobalt reserve in North America, near the Madison Mine in Missouri.


Our Story

US Strategic Metals is a growing company that does two things well — recycling essential metals from old lithium-ion batteries and, as a commercial mine, extracting cobalt, nickel and copper for today and tomorrow’s sustainable energy sources.

When we created the company back in 2018, our aim was to disrupt the mining industry. Practices had to change. Technology had to be better. Sustainability had to be at the forefront. That’s why we’re committed to a healthy workplace, supply- chain transparency, conflict-free minerals and careful environmental stewardship.

We’re positioned to support America’s long-term green energy transition needs, like providing metals essential for batteries in electric vehicles. We have a nearly 18-year mineral supply on an 1,800-acre site with an additional 2,000 acres of nearby mining rights. Yeah, we’re excited.

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