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US Strategic Metals Signs Contract With Missouri University Of Science And Technology For Precursor Cathode Active Material Research

ST. LOUIS, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — US Strategic Metals (“USSM”) and Missouri University of Science and Technology (“Missouri S&T”) have signed a contract for USSM to support Missouri S&T’s precursor cathode active material (“pCAM”) research.  PCAM is the precursor material to cathode active material (“CAM”) made up of cobalt, nickel and other critical materials which are some of the main components of lithium-ion batteries.  Currently, most of the pCAM in the world is produced outside the United States.  Missouri is fortuitously endowed with expansive natural resources and is quickly emerging as an innovative player in the green energy transition through Missouri S&T’s extensive research and development and USSM’s bench and pilot scale facilities as well as its progress towards completion of a commercial scale plant in Fredericktown, MO.

“Precursor Cathode Active material or pCAM production is the missing link in the US Battery Supply chain and with this collaboration with Missouri S&T and the support of Missouri DED we will continue to be on the front lines of the solution,” USSM CEO Stacy Hastie said.

Under the agreement, USSM will provide training for Missouri S&T personnel (Postdocs, graduate, and undergraduate students) working on this project to use USSM state of the art extraction facilities to produce pCAM.   This training will also include instruction on the laboratory parameters USSM has already implemented during its ongoing pCAM test program.  Missouri S&T will work with USSM to optimize the solvent extraction process to effectively recover pure salts of battery elements and develop a laboratory process to synthesize pCAM materials.  USSM will provide will the necessary reagents, technical assistance, and facilities with the ultimate goal to produce a first of its kind in North America, battery grade pCAM right here in the State of Missouri.

“Missouri S&T is excited to be working with USSM on this project because USSM’s expertise saves us time and its facilities allows us to fulfill our obligations on this project without millions of dollars in new equipment,” said Kwame Awuah-Offei, PhD, PE of Missouri S+T.

The training program is a part of a state-funded initiative to develop Missouri’s potential as a national leader in the mining and refining of critical minerals essential to Missouri manufacturing specifically, and the wider battery technology space in general.

About U.S. Strategic Metals:

U.S. Strategic Metals, LLC (“USSM”) is North America’s only sustainable, long-term battery metals production and processing solution. As the market leader in reliable, ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly strategic metals, USSM is strategically positioned to supply clean, domestic, and ethically sourced battery metals required to meet the unprecedented demand for electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries.

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